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Happy new year -- a little late. We have a number of resolutions heading into 2016, not the least of which is to go to bigger and more art-focused shows. Check out our events page to see where we plan to be going this coming year. We are trying to branch out and go to various shows across the state of PA. Maybe we'll be in your corner of the woods soon!

Winter showed up a bit late this year, but it is finally here in the form of about 4 inches of snow in our backyard. Not a ton, but enough for sledding, snow angels, and photo ops! This particular storm was one for the history books; okay maybe not up here, but just about 40 miles south of here, there was well over a foot of snow, and into DC/MD/DE/NJ/NYC residents were facing blizzard conditions with the potential for several feet of snow in a 24-hour period. 

Meanwhile, along with finally getting some snow, we are starting off the new year right by getting our wine charms placed on consignment at the Makery Market, which is a small artists' work and class space in downtown State College. If nothing else, it's exposure for us, and the people running the studio are super nice and extremely supportive!

Morning Glory

Lastly, as some of you know, I've recently gotten into Zentangle Art, which is essentially using patterns (referred to as "tangles") to fill in space you create by drawing "strings", or random connected pencil lines. I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out how I could incorporate my photography into some Zentangle Art. This is one my first attempts -- based on my image "Morning Glory".

Almost forgot the shameless plug: In addition to finding prints and gifts here on the site, you can snag our popular wine glass charms at our Etsy shop, aptly named "SurlyHedgehog" (I have no idea why the name can't have a space, must be an Etsy thing, but I'm thankful to have another little spot on the interwebs for my stuff regardless!). 


Another show season has come to an end for us. What a year! We returned to a few favorite venues such as Hawley and Canton, and tried some new shows in Monroeville and Stroudsburg. We also took an AMAZING trip to Arizona and Utah over Labor Day week and captured some beautiful pictures, which (shameless plug) you can see in our Southwest photo shoot gallery. We also added a new Infrared gallery to show you what we've been doing with our new toy, a Canon digital converted to IR. The results have been just gorgeous. 

Within the last week, we set up and opened our Etsy Shop, which for right now, will offer our popular photo wine glass charms. You can also get a charm made into a necklace -- had a few requests for this at shows this year. 

"Red Rose" is one of my favorite wine glass charms. I love how the red just jumps out at you, plus, wine and roses? Can't get a much better pairing...unless maybe you're throwing in some chocolate with one of those (or both!).

Heading into 2016, we hope to continue our travels around PA, and continue with some new endeavours, like adding more to our Etsy shop (prints and magnets!), as well as offering some new services like design and portraiture.  I am also going to make it a point to start adding to this blog more often, even if it's only to add a few sentences to drop some updates!


Summer is in full swing right now so I apologize for the Grand Canyon-sized gap in posts! We have been pretty busy going to shows! Back in May we started hanging out with the nice folks at the Lemont Farmers Market on Wednesdays. We are there most weeks with a small sampling of our photos, magnets and charms. We also attended the Blair County Arts Festival at Penn State Altoona and were excited to debut a metal version of one of our favorite prints, "Golden Gate Sunset".

Lemont Farmers Market

A heavy rain Saturday night almost wiped out our tent but luckily we were spared. In June we headed up to the Poconos to our favorite vacation spot, Hawley, PA for the Northern Poconos Arts and Crafts Festival. I would love for this festival to turn into a 2-day event but for now it is only one. It turned into a beautiful day with a nice turnout; many locals stopped by, as well as people from New York and other surrounding states. 

July took us back to our old stomping grounds in the Lehigh Valley (Bethlehem area) for the Blueberry Festival. The festival took place at Burnside Plantation, a beautiful old farm property. There were lots of fun demonstrations and good food. Unfortunately it was INSANELY hot both days of the festival and most of us vendors looked like wilted lettuce leaves by the end of the weekend.

Bethlehem Steel Stacks

On the flip side, after the show ended Sunday we headed to the historic Bethlehem Steel Stacks, which, until a few years ago had basically been abandoned and closed to the public.  They still stand in their grandeur, but are now flanked by shops and concert venues and a lovely walkway. We had the opportunity to experiment with our digital and IR cameras and are looking forward to sharing some of the results in an upcoming gallery on this site. An example of one of our black and white shots is to the left. 

Flash forward to now; we are prepping for the Pocono State Craft Festival coming up in 2 weeks. It will be our first time at this show as well but the venue will take me back to my childhood and memories of field trips to the Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm, so I am super excited about this one! I included a link to an admission discount coupon on our events page, so be sure to print that out if you are heading up there! 


If you have been watching your calendars you know that this weekend, May 16-17 is the Blair County Arts Festival at Penn State Altoona. It will be our first time there as vendors and we are very excited. Unfortunately it looks like showers are possible, but our booth will be covered so don't let that stop you from visiting! :D

We are in the height of spring right now and it is just beautiful around here. I am enjoying taking walks on my lunch break and have started a new photo album on our Facebook page called "Unnoticed". Part of the Surly Hedgehog mantra is capturing images of things people may not notice as they rush through their busy lives (not gonna lie, I can be guilty of that too!) so I hope that the album will help you appreciate the things you might be missing while out on a walk/run/hike/bike ride, etc.

The images in that album were not taken with the intention of ever selling them, but rather just to show the kinds of things that might go "unnoticed".Yesterday for example, I came across numerous basic shapes like circles and triangles. My son loves to watch a show that teaches shapes and it gave me the idea to look for simple shapes in everyday life. Not only did it make the walk more fun, but it was a nice distraction from the jumbled mess of to-do lists going on in my brain right now. 


Our new site is up and running! WOO HOO! Looking forward to sharing lots of fun stories and photos here with you, and I certainly hope to keep up with this better than I did in the last year. While I have you here, I just wanted to offer a shameless (okay, not so shameless) plug for the Blair County Arts Festival  coming up on May 16-17 at Penn State Altoona. Stop by and say hello, and have a look at our wine charms and photo magnets, as well as items we are offering for our Spring Cleaning sale! Hope to see you there!

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